NEW! Spanish On Line
from Peru to you!

Get ready for your trip to Peru or L.A. once we put this current situtation behind us.

Or succeed on learning or improving Spanish for personal or professional purposes.

We provide an easy method: Native speakers motivating you to "LIVE" Spanish experiences thru the use of language and cultural immersion.

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Efective Spanish Courses from Arequipa, Peru NOW ON LINE

Take the challenge and learn Spanish with Us!

In Spanish School Arequipa our Peruvian team is teaching Spanish for more than 11 years!

We use our Latino rich Cultural backgroud as a motivation and a strong attraction to learn Spanish

If you are a beginner, or a Spanish language lover, we can do an excellent joint venture

Experience not only speaking Spanish but how you live with Spanish as you apply your newly learned language skills to real-life situations.

On Line learning is now available. With the same method we use in presential classes but reinforced with use of technology

Trust your learning on Us!

Este es Central

We are specialized on teaching Spanish to travellers for 11 years!

In short time, you will gain confidence and competence in Spanish. And will apply your new language skills to complete your trip's cultural experience.

The advantage to do it in Arequipa: original, safer, less turisty and expensive than Cusco or Lima!


Efficient Method

We provide One on One classes. The most efficient method to learn Spanish in short time.

Two teachers per student. Both working on communication skills and contextual content according to your level.

Permanent motivation and exposure to real local life & cultural situations.

On line learning provides a friendly and trustable environment thanks to our particular use of technology

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We do our best to be efficient

School keeps a staff of experienced teachers. All with at least seven years with Us. Experts on adjusting our efective method to your learning skills.

Not improvising. Eight spaces prepared for on line and presential teaching, special and exclusive material.

On Line plattform with high tech resources to make an interesting and motivated class.

We permanently evaluate results and adjust the efficiency of the method.


Why Arequipa is a Great Place to take SPANISH classes?

Arequipa provides an excellent environment for your immersion into Spanish culture. Compared to Cusco and Lima it is safer and less expensive.

Its also a walkable city, where you can have a regular life (shopping, socialize, etc) and learn in a real Spanish context.

You can find all services you need: banking, health, transportation, etc

For On Line classes, you can count Spanish is clearer and technological support is ideal.

AND locals are the friendliest people you will find in Peru. The plus: They speak Spanish slowly!!


When everithing turns back to normal, we will be pleased to have you with us !

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